Call about the global eco-climatic crisis

Call about the global eco-climatic crisis

We are workers of the Research Area of the National Research Council (CNR) in Bologna(1). After a devastating flood hit our region, some of us participated in spontaneous initiatives to assist the affected people. This experience has led us to come together in an assembly to discuss the numerous signals of the ongoing ecological and climate crisis and the role we can play in these turbulent times.

The flood has strongly shown the impact of an environmental disaster in terms of its impact on human lives and how our territory, revealing our unpreparedness for an event of such magnitude despite our region being considered one of the driving forces of the global economy.

First and foremost, we feel compelled to emphasize our scientific understanding of the ongoing events(2). However, it goes beyond that. For decades, the scientific community has been urging governments and institutions to take action(3) against the emission of climate-altering gases, the destruction of the biosphere, and soil consumption, yet with limited results. Nevertheless, the message has resonated with those willing to listen: thanks to climate movements, particularly driven by the younger generation, a growing awareness of the issue has sparked a public debate.

Therefore, we choose to stand alongside those who question the relentless exploitation of Earth and its natural resources, working to genuinely build a sustainable future, starting today. Achieving global warming stabilization within a few years is both necessary and attainable. The 1.5°C target set by the Paris Agreement(4) is still within reach, but it calls for an urgent and radical response, as well as a deep structural transformation of our economy and societies(5)(6).

This is a call to those who believe in the possibility of a different world. It calls for unity and action to bring about change, as the window of opportunity is open now, in the 2020s and 2030s of the 21st century. It urges the world of research to take a stand to communicate with people, not just “policymakers” and “stakeholders”, and to listen to the widespread (and legitimate) fear that the climate and biosphere are heading towards collapse, and take decisive action.

This is also a stance and a choice(7). We stand with the students occupying universities against fossil fuels, with the workers shaping bottom-up alternative and ecological productions. We support the climate justice movements and those advocating against new extractions, fossil fuel infrastructure, and imposing large projects, all for a different approach to land management that safeguards green spaces from urbanization, starting right within our cities.

Now is the time to embrace this cause and stand up for it: we need every possible voice.


  1. Some of us are directly involved in studying anthropogenic climate change, resulting from greenhouse gas emissions, and its impacts on humans and the environment. Others focus on educational and informative aspects concerning ecological, environmental, and health crises linked to human activities that exploit natural resources. There are also researchers in astrophysics who recognize the incredible uniqueness of our planet Earth. Furthermore, there are other workers, technologists, and researchers from the research area. While this appeal originates from Bologna, due to its proximity to the flooded regions, it has been widely disseminated and embraced by colleagues in different locations across the country.
  1. Regarding the flood, the concentrated rainfall during two events on May 2-3 and May 16-17 resulted in a record amount of water (over 500 mm in some stations) across a wide area, spanning from the Romagna coast to the Modenese Apennines. What makes this truly exceptional is not only the total quantity but also the occurrence of two remarkably similar extreme events in such a short period and close temporal proximity to each other. This event is not merely a random moment in history. Exactly one year ago, our region, along with a significant part of Northern Italy, experienced a severe drought and extreme temperatures. All this happened during the warmest year ever recorded in Europe, with an average global temperature of 1.1°C higher than the average from 1850-1900. Conversely, 2023 is on track to become the hottest year ever recorded on the planet, and between July 3 and July 13, the global average temperature surpassed 17°C, an unprecedented occurrence. The primary and recognized cause of global warming lies in the rising atmospheric CO2 concentration, which has now reached 420 parts per million (ppm). This represents a staggering 50% increase compared to pre-industrial levels (280 ppm), before the widespread use of fossil fuels, and the levels continue to rise. In scenarios without immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (mainly CO2 and methane), climate models predict not only temperature rises but also a tendency towards drought in the Mediterranean area. Simultaneously, the intensity of extreme precipitation events is expected to increase globally in a warmer climate, owing to the atmosphere’s heightened capacity to hold moisture.
  1. You can see, for instance, the appeal made by various climate change experts in 2019 here:
  1. Here, we refer to the final agreement of 2015 COP21 in Paris, where 195 member countries of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which convenes annually in COP) committed to limiting the global temperature increase “well below 2°C” and striving to stay within 1.5°C ( The signing of this agreement was a crucial acknowledgement of the climate crisis’s urgency, but unfortunately, effective constraints were not implemented. Consequently, mitigation actions were left to the discretion of individual governments, and global emissions continued to rise. The severity of climate change impacts is directly tied to the mean global warming, making it imperative to take prompt action. Additionally, specific warming thresholds, known as “Tipping points,” can trigger sudden and irreversible changes in specific aspects of the climate system. Beyond 1.5°C, the risk of surpassing these thresholds significantly increases. Therefore, the scientific community has consistently stressed the importance of not exceeding the 1.5°C limit. A recent article in Science sheds light on this issue:
  1. Since 2015, little to no action has been taken, and global emissions have continued to rise (see: Enormous amounts of public funds (over 1,000 billion in 2022 alone,; at least 3 billion in Italy) are still being directly invested in fossil fuel industries, not to mention the indirect subsidies provided by governments. Each new fossil infrastructure built today, such as roads, wells, pipelines, and power plants, takes us beyond the anticipated 1.5°C warming threshold, edging us closer to a climate catastrophe. In essence, why construct such projects if the remaining budget cannot accommodate the emissions they will generate? The amount of greenhouse gases that can be emitted while staying below a certain global warming threshold is referred to as the “carbon budget.” The remaining carbon budget to stay below the 1.5°C threshold was estimated to be between 400 and 500 GtCO2 at the start of 2020 (, Table TS.3, p. 98). However, it has now reduced to approximately 260-360 GtCO2, which corresponds to only 6-9 years at the current emission rate (around 40 GtCO2 per year). Taking immediate steps to reduce unnecessary emissions, such as reforming the transportation system and promoting energy efficiency, will also provide us with additional time to reach zero emissions.
  1. We also want to underscore the principle of climate justice, recognizing that historical and present responsibilities, as well as the gravity of consequences, are not equitably distributed across the human population (as acknowledged by the IPCC). Treating humanity as a homogenous and uniform entity is an abstract notion; ignoring the stark difference between the privileged and well-protected wealthy and the vulnerable and marginalized poor would be a crucial oversight. This would lead to the erroneous concentration of attention solely on indiscriminate population growth as the primary threat, while assuming that the entire population faces equal exposure to food scarcity, droughts, wildfires, and floods.
  1. Post-normal science. This stance is not without analysis; it draws inspiration from the development of post-normal science, a concept on which the CNR has collectively worked: Traditionally, the interaction between science and politics was seen as a one-way relationship, with scientists providing politicians neutral, objective, and reliable knowledge to aid decision-making. However, the complexity of present challenges, where “facts are uncertain, values are contested, interests are high, and decisions are urgent,” has rendered this perspective inadequate concerning knowledge and its public dissemination.


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  1017. Cecilia Noccioli, Dipendente pubblico, Roma
  1018. Oscar Adriani, Professore, Universita’ di Firenze

The signatories to this appeal are individual and do not imply institutional involvement. To support the call, kindly sign here!